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The Language of Ayurveda

A great teaching guide and reference manual. With 2 CD's.

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The Language of Ayurveda - Nicolai Bachman

A book that sets out to preserve and encourage the correct sound and spelling of Sanskrit chants and terms relating to the science and study of Ayurveda. Drawing from the numerous original Ayurvedic texts, the book covers the vast majority of vocabulary used by Ayurvedic practitioners in the West. Contains 850 Sanskrit terms relating to Ayurveda.

  • Shows the original Devanagari Sanskrit script, transliteration and translation for everything
  • Two ways to quickly find a word using the indices 
  • Locate by Sanskrit name using the Sanskrit Index
  • Locate by the English translation using the English Index
  • Easily accessible Sanskrit Pronunciation Key in the back of the book
  • Complete bibliography

Spiral-bound book with double CD (81 tracks).
Softcover, 130 p.