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Indian Materia Medica (3rd edition)

No introduction needed. Revised, enlarged and updated edition

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Indian Materia Medica (3rd Edition) - K.M. Nadkarni

The Indian Materia Medica contains about 2,000 drugs, the majority of which are of vegetable origin. During the time of the Great Ashoka the Hindu Materia Medica contained about 700 vegetable drugs which were used by the Vaidyas. They were mostly cultivated in gardens all over the country and time of collection, the parts used, methods of curing and preserving were well known. Since the number of drugs commonly used in those days was not large no elaborate descriptions were given with regard to their identification.

The student of medicine used to live with his Guru and received practical training in connection with the identification and proper time of collection. In the course of time more and more vegetable herbs growing in different parts of India were gradually included in the indigenous Materia Medica but unfortunately the standards of purity and their correct identification did not keep pace with expansion. From a perusal of the pages in the two volumes of this book readers would get the feeling that the author has tried to supply missing information.

The author has dealt with the section of herbs and their use in medicine in a very informative and at the same time lucid manner which will appeal even to practitioners of western medicine. It is needless to emphasize the rich herbal resources of the vast sub-continent and its varying climatic zones with variety of vegetation ranging from the alpine to the tropical regions.

Original Indian publication in 2 volumes
Hardcover, 2287 p.