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Classical Doctrine of Indian Medicine

A treatise on the development of the Indian medical tradition

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Classical Doctrine of Indian Medicine - Prof. J. Filliozat

This work by Prof. J. Filliozat is a treatise on the development of Indian Medical Tradition. It starts with a discussion about the legends concerning Ayurveda and after dealing with the traditions of the two major texts, those of Charaka and Sushruta, sums up the essential doctrines of all the texts available today. This is followed by a discussion on the pre-Aryan and Indo-Aryan data on medicine, juxtaposed with similar data from the Avesta. Further it deals with the Vedic data on Pathology, Anatomy and Physiology leading to a discussion of the relationship between the Veda and Ayurveda.

This classic will help focus our attention on the essentials of a science, which though quite ancient, is equally modern, as it is still being widely practiced today. Prof. Filliozat's work on Indian medicine was published in French and has been a classic in the field.

J. Filliozat (1906-1982) was professor at the college de France and Director of the French Institute of Indology). After qualifying as a medical practitioner, he studied Sanskrit, Tamil and a number of other oriental languages.

Original Indian Publication,
Hardcover, 298 p.